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Application Prodecure

Step 1: Complete and return the Franchise Application Form
After you have finished reading the enclosed materials thoroughly and if you feel that you do qualify, please fill out the franchise application form and return it to us. Please write down a list of questions concerning the Marrybrown franchise program so that our representative can effectively and efficiently answer them.

Step 2: Systems Orientation Day
After reviewing your application, if you meet our preliminary financial and business qualifications, you will be invited to our Marrybrown headquarters. During your visit, you will meet with key executives from our Franchise Sales, Operations, Training and Marketing departments. Each will provide you with an overview of their department and the support they provide to our franchisees.

Step 3: Franchise Approval
If you decide to pursue a Marrybrown franchise and we have agreed that a franchise relationship will be mutually beneficial, we will notify you within ten days of your visit. You are required to pay the franchise fee upon signing and returning the Letter of Offer to us.

Step 4: Signing of the Franchise Agreement
Marrybrown will provide you with the appropriate franchise documents for you to review with your attorney. You may execute the documents within five business days after receipt and return them to us for our processing.

Step 5: Site Selection Assistance
The Company will assist the franchisee in evaluating a site based on information provided by the franchisee such as traffic volume, proximity to residential and commercial areas, population demographics, lot size and natural or manmade barriers. All sites are subject to the approval of the Company. Such approval in no way represents a guarantee of success by the Company.

Step 6: Training
The Company conducts a Management and Skills Development Program for the benefit of all new and existing franchisees. A new franchisee will attend our 3 months course in a designated restaurant. All training must be successfully completed before the franchised restaurant actually opens for business. Once this training is completed, you will be fully equipped to supervise the construction phase personally.

Step 7: Pre-Opening Preparation
Prior to opening, a marketing representative will work with you to develop an effective Grand Opening Program. An Operations Consultant will also be available to help coordinate your staff training both before and after opening to ensure you get off to a good start. Both of these services will be available to you on an ongoing basis.

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