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Marrybrown’s Mission is to work closely with our Franchisees to build profitable businesses. Like all long-term healthy relationships, your Marrybrown journey starts with building a basic understanding of what each partner will expect from each other. That is why we want you to be fully informed about Marrybrown Franchise.

Answers to many questions normally asked about a Marrybrown Franchise are provided below. If you need additional details, we are always happy to listen and respond to you quickly. We believe that you will have a broader understanding of the opportunities and develop a deeper appreciation of the benefits in becoming a Marrybrown Franchisee.

If you have a question that is not addressed below, contact our franchise department. They will be happy to assist with your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Acquiring Marrybrown Franchise

Any good partner starts with a basic understanding of what each partner expects with the
other. That is why we want you to be fully informed about the Marrybrown programme. As a Franchisee, you will be a part of a family of entrepreneurs supported by an organisation
committed to your success.

The most frequently asked questions about the Marrybrown programme are answered in this section. If you need additional details, we will be pleased to supply them. We want you to understand the opportunities and benefits of becoming a Marrybrown Franchisee. Our goal is to work closely with our Franchisees to build a profitable business

Q: Do I need restaurant experience?
Although restaurant experience is helpful, it is not required. However, a strong business management background is essential. With our training and support, many have developed into successful Marrybrown Franchisees. In fact, our training programme is designed to teach the Marrybrown System to people, whether or not they have a previous restaurant background.

Q: What kind of training will I receive?
We have designed a comprehensive training programme for new Marrybrown Franchisees. It includes field training in a Marrybrown restaurant and classroom sessions at our corporate Training centre. You will learn the essentials of restaurant operations, crew management, financial management and marketing. The programme also focuses on the proven methods and techniques that have helped so many Franchisees become successful.

Q: How many people can I send and for how long?
Marrybrown requires the Franchisee and four management team (who passed franchisor selection criteria) to attend and complete the training programme for a minimum of 3 months or more, minimum of fifteen crew members complete the training programme for month Expenses incurred for transportation, food, lodging and employees’ salary, will be borne by the Franchisee but the training we provided is fre

Q: How do I find a location for my Marrybrown Restaurant and will Marrybrown assist in designing my restaurant?
Marrybrown will provide you with the critical guidelines for finding a successful location, but the primary responsibility for site selection is yours. However, we must approve the site that you selected before you begin construction. We will advise and direct the Franchisee in basic design equipment and layout of Marrybrown restaurants and presentation and display of the Marrybrown restaurants to the public.

Q: Am I required to purchase food supplies from Marrybrown? What about equipment?
We will provide a list of items required to purchase from Marrybrown and nominal
Suppliers. There are detailed specifications which must be met to conform with Marrybrown’s high quality. The Franchisee shall purchase at their own costs and expenses such as brands of equipment for the operations of the business approved by Marrybrown during the whole term of the franchise.

Q: Will Marrybrown help me with opening my restaurant?
Yes. There are number of details that must be covered during your opening. Marrybrown will provide a qualified team of restaurant professionals to come to your initial market development site prior to and during opening day to assist you with crew training, initial food ordering, labour scheduling, opening and closing procedures and other critical areas of operations. Size of team and duration of stay will be provided by the manager.

Q: How much money can I expect to make from a Marrybrown Franchise?
Profitability varies depending upon several factors, including sales, locations, occupancy and operating costs and the ability of the Franchisee to manage and control the business.
Marrybrown does not provide projections or proforma statement.

Q: Will Marrybrown’s finance the cost of franchise?
No. Each franchise owner will be responsible for obtaining his or her own financing. Marrybrown does not lend to or guarantee the financing or leases of its franchise owners.

Q: How long will it take to get u Marrybrown restaurant opened?
It will take approximately 3 months from the time you execute a Marrybrown Franchise

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